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Timken 515021 Axle Bearing and Hub Assembly

Timken 515021 Axle Bearing and Hub Assembly

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Timken Axel Bearing and Hub Assemblies are designed to support the vehicle’s weight. These bearings are lubricated, sealed and complete with hub assembly. They provide tight fit to the wheels and transmit power without slipping. These hub assemblies are maintenance free, easy to install and increase product reliability while enhancing performance.

This is an AMAZING deal. I bought the Ford part from local Ford dealership and then bought this one from Amazon. Compared them side by side and it is the exact same part (see pictures). I rotated the hub and the bearings on the Ford part say Timken just the way the Timken one does. The box was even the same. Included pictures of boxes and part numbers. Only difference is that Ford charged me 517 dollars plus tax (and they had to order it) while Amazon cost 228 dollars (after taxes and only 3.99 dollar NEXT DAY AIR!!). The negative review on this product is WRONG. This (part number 515021) is the hub assembly for the trucks and Excursions WITHOUT front wheel ABS so there is no sensor as erroneously stated in other review. All Super Duties that have 2 wheel ABS have the ABS in the rear. (see page straight from Timken catalog). This part is all made in the USA (awesome) and was still less expensive than the imported low quality other options. I had previously replaced the same hub twice with cheaper Chinese made hubs and neither one lasted. The Ford OEM one on the other side of truck (same as this one) still felt great and has 300,000 miles. I believe that what happened in the previous reviews about missing pieces and such is that someone had previously ordered the wrong part and took the studs out. Mine came with all new studs, yellow o ring and the needle bearing installed. My truck is a 2000 F 350 4WD. Could not be happier with my purchase. Hopefully this info will help someone else purchase correct part. You will not be disappointed.

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