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subtext Function: noun
  1. The meaning (as of a literary text)
  2. A story within the story.

Subtext is a blog engine that focuses on usability, elegance, and simplicity. If you've ever caught yourself throwing your hands in the air and declaring that you're going to write your own blogging engine, then Subtext is for you.


The guiding philosophy behind Subtext is to remove hindrances to online expression. A blogging platform should be easy to understand, set up, and use.

Subtext is an open source project licensed under the BSD license. It is a fork of the popular .TEXT blogging platform.

Latest Release

Install via Web PI or Download the Subtext 2.5 compiled source code
NOTE: The install via web may take up to a week from June 6, 2010 to reflect the latest version.

To upgrade an existing version of subtext, download the Subtext Upgrade Tool
NOTE: the upgrade tool is an in-place upgrade on your existing deployment/binaries of Subtext.
(in other words, it is not for upgrading the Subtext solution source code itself)

For a walkthrough on upgrading, see this screencast


Technical Difficulties... Please Stand By

If you're wondering why things look a little different around here, the Subtext Project Website experienced a bit of data loss due to the ineptitude of its caretaker, me. We are working hard to rectify the situation and will be rebuilding our documentation bit by bit. The content archive we're trying to restore is in a mildly consumable format.

If you are interested in helping to develop Subtext, please visit the Subtext on Google Code Subtext Google Code page where our developer wiki lives.

Also, be sure to join our mailing list (Google Group) to get involved with discussions of Subtext!

Get Involved!

If you're a developer interested in contributing to Subtext, check out the developer guide for information on getting started.

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