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Configuring Aggregate Blogs


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Subtext supports having an aggregate blog for all blogs on a system. For example, suppose you have the following blogs installed:

  • http://yourdomain.com/blog1/
  • http://yourdomain.com/blog2/
  • http://yourdomain.com/blog3/

It is possible to have the URL http://yourdomain.com/ contain an aggregate of the blog entries from the three blogs.

To configure this, you will have to edit the web.config file. In the appSettings section, you should see the following settings:

<add key="AggregateEnabled" value="false" />
<add key="AggregateTitle" value="A Subtext Community" />
<add key="AggregateUrl" value="http://localhost/Subtext.Web" />
<add key="AggregateDescription" value=".NET by Subtext" />
<add key="AggregateHost" value="localhost" />

To turn on the aggregate blog:
  • Set the AggregateEnabled value to true.
  • Modify the AggregateUrl and AggregateHost values according to your domain.
  • Modify the AggregateTitle and AggregateDescription values based on your personal preferences.

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